The DMC is a leading open-source platform for connecting communities and sharing solutions across the manufacturing product life cycle.


Challenge: Siloes across business units and the supply chain are road-blocks to collaboration.

Solution: Identity management, project collaboration features, and secure to other users make it easy to work together

Data & Tool Interoperability

Challenge: Systems and information flow across the supply chain are often incompatible, impeding cross-functional communication

Solution: Secure data management features allow you to easily organize, store, and find data, all with fine-grained permisions for sharing and access control.

Solution Integration

Challenge: Reduced agility prevents rapid adoption and dissemination of technological solution.

Solution: A platform to publish and share manufacturing apps helps you to create new solutions faster. Access apps through our marketplace and execute them in your cloud or ours.


In February 2014, UI LABS announced the formation of its first Lab, the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), through collaboration with the Department of Defense and a host of other partners, to transform American manufacturing through digitization of the supply chain. Learn more at www.dmdii.org.


UI LABS solves large-scale challenges by bringing University + Industry together with startups and government to accelerate the deployment of emerging technologies through collaboration. UI LABS is developing a portfolio of applied research and commercialization Labs that lead to a return on investment for its partners, improve local, regional and national competitiveness, and transform entire industries. Across its current Labs, UI LABS has over 300 members from industry, academic and research institutions, states and cities, and community organizations. Learn more at www.uilabs.org.

The DOME Project

The kernel of the DMC.

To provide simulation capabilities for the DMC, we incorporated the open source DOME project and its’ GE evolutions and modernizations.

The DOME (Distributed Object-based Modeling Environment) project, initiated at the MIT CADlab in early 1996, is focused on creating usable design tools for exploring large-scale, systems-oriented design problems while accommodating the physics, heterogeneity, exceptions, uncertainties, context-dependencies, and rapid change associated with real-world problems.

DOME provides a common Internet-based computational infrastructure that makes the exchange and coordination of related parameters between different simulations a transparent process. DOME enables a new distributed, declarative, emergent system definition process that does not require an explicit master integration model. DOME allows design teams to rapidly create integrated design models in a spontaneous, ad-hoc manner, allowing them to focus on developing and analyzing design scenarios rather than being constrained by a rigidly defined integrated design environment.