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Jul. 29, 2016
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DMDII announces 6 research awards in digital manufacturing disciplines
Feb. 12, 2016
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New DMDII Research Awards Include Cybersecurity Project
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Feb. 12, 2016
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Dec. 14, 2015
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IU research and technology to support new $320 million Digital Lab for Manufacturing
Feb. 26, 2014
IUPUI Newsroom

Made in America!

moonlanding(Note: To discuss this article with the author and others, visit the community forum at

Manufacturing is at the cusp of an exponential rise in capabilities due to the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. The compounding growth rate in computing power, software complexity and pervasive networking will bring the new reality of “exponential thinking” to unprecedented combinations of hyper-connected minds and the industrial machines of production. Disciplines that have served as the foundation of manufacturing (such as material science, supply chain, systems integration, machine automation and data science ) will all experience a renaissance as the speed and availability of computing power, massive data sets, automated workflows and collaborative thinking reshape how the manufacturing operations are conceived, planned and executed.



The pervasive growth and reach of this Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) nervous system will enable the future designers, modelers, simulators and operators to take advantage of orders of magnitude more creativity and knowledge as the traditional barriers to participation become drastically lower. The advanced tools and knowledge of the trade will suddenly be made available to millions of students, technical professionals and small and medium sized enterprises. Crowdsourcing, collaboration and high performance computing technologies enabled by DMDII will democratize the entire manufacturing process and give American manufacturers both the differentiating system and a world class brand to compete on a global basis where speed, innovation and productivity are required to win. Made in America will once again be THE label synonymous with the highest possible level of manufacturing excellence and human achievement. DMDII will be the “moon shot” for a new generation of visionaries. Bold in its announcement, awe-inspiring in its execution and impossible to replicate by others for decades to come.

Article written by Dr. Joseph J. Salvo, Director and Founder , Industrial Internet Consortium, GE Global Research