Model SDK

The DMC Software Development Kit uses a Java-based toolchain and user interface for building, testing, deploying, and running analytical models that can live in the DMC marketplace as manufacturing apps. This toolchain is based on technologies known as DOME and CEEDServices, and can be run standalone or inside the Eclipse environment.

A history of the DOME project can be found on the wiki.

How to Install and Run DOME

Model builders, please find instructions for installing our latest stable release on the wiki.

Developers, please find instructions for installing our current release in our technical documentation.

License & Disclaimer for this repository: The DOME core package is distributed under an MIT/X11 open source license. See license.txt for the full copyright and license. For convenience, the source code of several dependencies has been bundled with the DOME core package. Many of these have their own licenses, and users of this software are responsible for understanding the implications of use and/or modification of this source code as part of the entire distribution.

More information

Also check out our DOME Tutorials (for new users) and the detailed tutorials (for developers).

Please submit bugs and feature requests to the bug tracker. If you have questions or feedback please let us know in the forums.