The Digital Manufacturing Commons is a software system consisting of numerous subsystems. At the highest level, it consists of three main pieces:

  • Model Development Kit (MDK) – The DMC Model Development Kit uses a Java-based toolchain and user interface for building, testing, deploying, and running models. This toolchain is based on technologies known as DOME and CEEDServices, and can be run standalone or inside the Eclipse environment.
  • Web Platform – The DMC web platform is a collaboration environment designed to support an online community of users who can share data, analytical models, simulations, and more. The Service Marketplace aspect of the Digital Manufacturing Commons can be populated with analytical models, or “apps”, which can be shared, discovered, remixed, and run in real-time.
  • Manufacturing Apps – Apps in the DMC (often  referred to as models) are analytical applications written in anything from Excel to Matlab that are packaged and wrapped in a standard format. This allows them to be published, run, and combined using simple web interfaces.