Web Platform

The DMC is created using agile processes. As such, it is our intention to have a functional, public version of the site for our community to interact with.  After each two week sprint, or sooner new features from our road-map will be implemented for production and we encourage feedback from our community at every step of the way.

We are very excited to share our progress with you. View the Current Release of the DMC.

***NOTE *** Be aware this software is in alpha stage and currently contains non-functional features and bugs.

Get the Code

The DMC is composed of a number of machines each with defined functions.



Deployment Code:

We create infrastructure as code that can allow the DMC to be deployed in a variety of private, public and hybrid infrastructure providers. Currently we support aws, but will be adding other providers including Azure and OpenStack in the future.

git clone https://bitbucket.org/DigitalMfgCommons/dmcdeploy.git

Source Code


The source code for each component can be found there and installation instructions for each piece of the infrastructure can be found individually and with terraform.

Installation & Deployment

Give it a try. The DMC Deployment Process can be found on our wiki. Detailed Install and Deployment instructions can be found here.


The DMC web platform is based on GE’s VehicleFORGE, a crowd-sourcing collaboration platform built for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). All of the final reports and technical deliverables from that effort are available at http://cps-vo.org/node/14086.

The DMC web platform is designed to support an online community of users who can share data, analytical models, simulations, and more. All source code for the platform will be made available under the MIT/X11 open source license.

The Service Marketplace aspect of the Digital Manufacturing Commons will eventually be populated with a number of models, or “apps”.